Where do I get my inspiration from?

It seems only right that my first post should tell you why I do what I do and who do I look up to.

Well it’s pretty simple and I don’t have to look too far from my own family.

My Mum was the youngest member of the Scottish National Party and was the IT girl for their campaigns.

Mum was passionate about her country and would sit in a room of predominately men, (women in politics wasn’t such a thing, pretty close to now actually)

listen and discuss how they could make their country the best and how they were to do it.

Those days in campaigns you had the loud blower on the car and would drive around and blast your community with the loud speaker, you would slap up posters on the walls under bridges, in public spaces where ever you could find enough space.

Now a days campaigns are won with feet on the ground.

Mum still today is a member of the Scottish National Party, she coordinates several Facebook pages and supports the campaign team in Scotland. She helps promote rallies around Scotland, where they are seeing tens of thousands of people in attendance.

She has been personally contacted by the who’s who of Scottish royalty thanking her for her hard work and whilst that is exciting, Mum does what she does because she loves the country of her birth, she loves the people and their stories and what they mean to her.

She is tenacious and unyielding when it comes to the policies of her party, they are to help the everyday person, the decisions should make your everyday life easier not harder or impossible.

If she see’s what she believes to be an action taken against her people, then hell or high water could not stop her to rectify a wrong.

I am proud she is my mum, I am glad that she has shown my sisters that if something is worthwhile, its worth fighting for.

More importantly, always finish a fight, make sure you give it all that you have and be sure you are doing it for the right reason.

Love you mum