Community Advocate

Council is more than rates, rubbish and roads, I believe that Council is about community.

Off all the levels of government, council is about you; it is about supporting and working with YOU.  

I started my community involvement in Caboolture in 1993 where I joined the ‘Local Advisory Group’ as the youth representative.  We reported back to council about what was happening in our community and how together we could work for the community.

Since then I have spent the majority of my working life committed to making communities stronger and meaningful.

I have been engaged with many community groups over my 20+ years in Caboolture, actually too many to remember. I have volunteered my time for events and organisations, because I believe in giving. I believe that it is my duty to work for others in our community and I actually enjoy it.

  • BPW Caboolture
    • President, VP, Secretary
  • BPW Australia
    • QLD representative
    • Director of Policy
  • Member of the Caboolture Leukaemia Foundation
  • Member of Neighbourhood Watch – Blockie
  • Past Member of Caboolture Special School P & C
  • Caboolture Toastmasters
    • President, VP PR, Secretary
  • Area Governor Toastmasters
  • Caboolture Regional DV service
    • Management committee for 6 years
  • Past committee member of the Caboolture Neighbourhood centre
  • Participant in Local, regional and state consultations on DV, Education reform, jobs creation,

Caboolture is where I have found my home…

I enjoy meeting and speaking with the people of Caboolture, I believe that we have such a diverse community, with many different backgrounds that adds the tapestry of our community.

I understand the economic cost of social investment; I have seen it work and seen communities prosper due to investing in the people of the area.

After almost 25 years working in and for this community I know what the outcomes are when you invest and when you don’t invest.

When you don’t invest in social outcomes, when residents do not feel a part of the community we can potentially see

  • Increase in crime
  • Increased fear of residents to be in the streets, walk at night, fear of their neighbourhood
  • Increase in anti-social behaviour, road rage, drug and alcohol consumption, aggressive behaviour in schools, shops
  • Increase in Domestic Violence
  • Decrease in community engagement, numbers of members dropping for organisations, or the same people doing everything
  • Decrease in care around the community, littering, graffiti, lawns getting high, and gardens over run


Does any of that sound familiar? Can you see some of these behaviours occurring in our community?

What I know and we can see in other communities is that when we invest in social outcomes we can see a decrease in the anti-social behaviour and increase in community engagement.  When communities feel they have a say in what happens that they are asked and not told, they have a vested interest in doing the right thing and engaging with organisations and those around them.

I know this to be true, I know it through my experience with working with this community for over 25 years and I see it in other council areas where their community is more important than anything and those communities are moving leaps and bounds ahead.

I know that when we have to have significant open consultation with community, we need ask them instead of them hearing about it in the newspapers.

We need to open council back up to the community, give them a place to come to, to have their say on what occurs.

I will be open to listen to our council; I will be available to speak with you,

I will be your voice in the council chambers; I will let council know what the people of Caboolture are seeking.

I will work with other decision makers to assist the goals of our community, I will negotiate, speak with, work with whomever is going to help our community along and support us to move forward.